How We Do It

Game Play with Benefits IRL (In Real Life)

Here’s all the ways that our Players and Partners are using City of Mine to ‘Level-up’ in their personal and professional lives.

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Game Play vs. Work

As a child, we learn much of our earliest lessons from playing games.  As we grow older, games become trivialized or thought of as an activity meant only for amusement.  Worst of all, video games are often considered an unproductive and complete waste of time.

That’s all about to change!

In order to level up in a game, players must learn to solve complex challenges and manage multiple concurrent demands which require skill, focus and dedication to achieving the goal.

Our Cross-over Video Game, City of Mine, is a video game which combines the enjoyment and challenge of video games, with the added benefit of simulated learning and career development.  Best of all, it’s a platform where gamers can make money doing what they love!


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