How We Do It

Your Home, Your Design, Your Way!

Charet, powered by FideliumTech has developed an intuitive, 3D design platform which automatically updates project pricing, specifications and scope of work as changes are being made to the design.

This gives you the ability to receive instant feedback and to make informed decisions based on the tradeoffs between design, material selection and cost. Simultaneously, construction documents, such as specifications, scope of work, project estimate and contracts are being produced, providing a detailed description of your vision.

Let us help you take the confusion and stress out of your residential design/build project by providing you with the transparency and insights which will allow you to make an informed decision based on what it most important to you!

Gamification of Work

Slackrz is a platform hosting Cross-over Games which uniting game play, with real world utility.
What’s great about Gamers, is that they are not afraid of new challenges and have the ability to think beyond the status quo when presented with an obstacle.

On a daily basis, gamers will modify their attempts at solutions without the fear of failure or judgment that would otherwise be garnered within the real world by parental figures, or their bosses. They morph their capabilities in a tactical manner, via modified attributes or by use of tools designed for a novel use.

Creativity runs wild, as their game world does not have preconceptions of what life must be. Gamers can achieve anything and can do so collaboratively, individually or by whatever means that is most impactful to them. The only thing the gamer gets in return, for their time spent, is the feeling of achievement, a “level up” or of an “epic win”.

This “epic win” is what we bring to project development by the confluence of a gaming interface, a mega trend market with tremendous potential for change, and the essence of electronic trust – blockchain.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Our platform utilizes Blockchain & Smart Contracts to enable the trust that is needed to create an ecosystem by which gamers can be confident that they will be justly compensated for the time and effort spent developing content for/within the platform. It also facilitates the ability to seamlessly manage project communication, payment, and trust via the administration of electronic wallets (payment rails), which may accept crypto- or traditional currency, and smart contracts (trust rail) that execute based upon volumetrically derived scopes of work.