About FideliumTech

Our Core Belief

Driving student motivation and engagement are major challenges for educational systems in the U.S. and globally. City of Mine is a tool which creates an exciting environment for learning critical skills in personal finance, science, technology, engineering, and math; skills which could immediately be deployed into the workforce and global economy.

We believe that the workforce of the future will not integrate into industries as past generations have.  Today’s youngest employees are often experts at solving highly complex and dynamic challenges. In many of these examples, individuals will have developed these skills from gaming, not traditional education

On a daily basis, gamers will modify their attempts at solutions without the fear of failure or judgment that would otherwise be garnered within the real world by parental figures, or management.  In game, they are highly focused, engaged and not afraid of new challenges and have the ability to think beyond the status quo when presented with an obstacle.

Creativity runs wild, as their game world does not have preconceptions of what life must be.  Gamers can achieve anything, and can do so collaboratively, individually or by whatever means that is most impactful to them.  Today, the only thing the gamer gets in return, for their time spent gaming, is the feeling of achievement:  a “level up” or an “epic win”.

The “epic win” to FideliumTech, is providing personal finance and vocational training through the confluence of video gaming, a mega trend market with tremendous potential for social impact and change.