On any given day, millions of people immerse themselves in Role Playing Games (RPG).  Traditional video games like the Sims, Minecraft and Cities Skylines provide a sandbox environment where people can create worlds and develop digital content. RPGs seem to naturally inspire collaboration and community between its players and provide a venue where players learn to develop and build creative content.

In contrast, professional gaming (e-sports) is providing opportunities for some gamers to realized their dreams of earing income through gaming.  Yet, the infancy of e-sports allows only few to realize these dreams; most of whom excel at playing First-Person Shooter (FPS) games which, incidentally, is a gaming genre who’s impact on mental health has come into question.

FideliumTech has developed a crossover video game platform which drives an embedded ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) engine, thereby linking game play with real-world productivity.  Similar to e-sports, our gaming genre provides RPG players with the opportunity to monetize their gaming experience in a fun and rewarding way.  In its essence, the game is a content development engine being powered by the contribution of the masses.  Gamers can develop copywritten digital content, representing the characteristics (cost, image, ordering details, etc.) of actual building materials and fixtures.  As their copywritten content is used the contributors receive a fractional payment as a reward.

Additionally, as the gamer levels-up and become proficient and experienced in the art and science of their craft, the gamer can become a project designer and begin developing projects for customer for a fee.

12% of divorces are attributed to Remodeling… An insightful fact which reinforces the point that remodeling projects today are a disruptive process fraught with ambiguity.  This may help explain why people struggle to visualize design changes while also lacking the transparency in pricing and specifications to conceptualize how the changes will impact overall price and quality.  Finally, the absence of adequate contracts, which for most people will be the second largest purchase of their lifetime, further accentuates the uncertainty.

We’re here to help.

FideliumTech has developed an intuitive and unbiased 3D design platform (MVP) which automatically updates project pricing, specifications and scope of work, as changes are being made to the design.  This gives both the owner and designer the ability to receive instant feedback and make decisions based on the tradeoffs between the material selected and cost.

The platform provides a simple interface to digitally import exact jobsite location and project measurements into their design.  Once the design is complete, the owner can export their plans, benchmark pricing, scope of work, specifications and contracts to interested contractors.