Finally!  A video game parents can feel good about letting their children play.

FideliumTech is the global leader in creating virtual learning environments embedded within video games that unify people, education and industry; allowing younger generations to learn, advance and earn as they prepare for the work of the future.

The demand for productive training is particularly acute in underserved, transitioning or geographically immobile populations which require an affordable, efficient and accessible opportunity to equip themselves with the knowledge and experience to prepare for the careers of tomorrow.

Change the Game, not the Gamer

FideliumTech is off to a fast start!  Having received a grant from the National Science Foundation, we are developing the tools to solve some of the world most vexing global challenges. At FideliumTech, the brightest minds in game development are inventing new ways to bring enjoyment and excitement to complex tasks and vocational education.

Creating Connection and Engagement with Industry

FideliumTech is building the tools to help industries “Level-Up”.  Our Cross-over Game, City of Mine, connects players with companies across historically-disconnected ecosystems.  By uniting artificial intelligence with game play, we’ve created an unmatched experience engine, within a collaboration platform which both connects and engages youth with brands in ways never before seen…in any industry!